The KuDo 6TM

The KuDo 6™ is designed to retrofit fluorescent lay-in T-Bar grid troffers. Suitable for commercial, institutional, and retail applications. The KuDo 6™ features provide highly efficient low glare lighting, extreme power savings, along with low installation and maintenance costs. The sleek profile, flexible design features, and simple mounting process make the KuDo 6™ a perfect choice for schools, offices, and many other commercial architects, engineers, contractors and end users.

Affordable Quality

Why take a half step when you can retrofit your old troffer into a brand new LED fixture? Replace decades old tech with modern design.

Simple Install

Patent pending "LIFT RAIL" system provides a quick and easy installation. Low cost of ownership means fast ROI.

Controllable via Smartphone

Order with SMART BLUTM technology and choose the color of white you want at the brightness level you need and much more.

KuDo 6TM Specifications


Punched and formed sheet steel reinforced housing with robust end frame. Hinge bolts with stops are mounted in threaded brass barrel inserts on the LED housing body to fit into two lift rails with locking guide slots that fit under the existing luminaire. Lift, shift and lock housing is fully hidden behind T-Bar on two opposing sides providing the seamless aesthetic of a brand new fixture. Post painted powder coat white finish. All components are accessible from below for easy maintenance. Lift rails may be screwed to T-Bar if necessary and LED housing includes safety aircraft cable. Driver platform is secured to back of LED housing. LED modules removable with one screw. Lens retention shoulders span full length of housing.


KuDo 6™ luminaires offer high efficacy (see chart); CRI >80; THD <10%; PF >99. Projected life beyond 100,000 hours. LED modules and drivers are offered with a standard  5‐year warranty based on performance under normal conditions. (consult warranty for details) 


Extruded PMMA diffusers are securely mounted onto continuous metal shoulders by  gently squeezing the diffuser and fitting lens grooves over the shoulder edges.  Obscure lens  provides extreme efficiency while offering full  space distribution suitable for typical office or classroom usage.  Angled side reflector panels  offer pleasing aesthetic. 


  • 120/277V, or 120/347V power input
  • 0-10V DC Dimming Driver (10%-100%)
  • BLU DRiVeVeTM Dimming Driver (1%-100%)


The KuDo 6™ is cCSAus listed for damp locations and ‐20°C to +40°C ambient environments. RoHS compliant.

LED modules comply with IESNA

LM‐79 and LM‐80 standards.

NOTE 1: Specifications subject to change without notice.

NOTE 2: Not all models are DLC certified. Consult factory.


K6T = KuDo 6T™24 = 2 x 43 = 3000P = Phillips 0 - 10V401 = 120/277V
22 = 2 x 235 = 3500iD = iNFiNi 0 - 10V30C = 120/347V
14 = 1 x 44 = 4000B = BLU DRiVe™29
26 = 20" x 60"T = 2700 - 650025
SIZEPhillips Lumens0 - 10ViNFINi Lumens0 - 10VLUMENSBLU DRiVe™
2 x 4380030W380030W400029W
2 x 4340025W340025W
2 x 2325025W325025W390029W
2 x 2260021W260021W
1 x 4340025W340026W
1 x 4260021W260021W390029W
20 x 60345025W345030W400029W


120V (W)120V (LM/W)347V (W)347V (LM/W)
K624xx40x2 x 4xx51204013040130
K624xx30x2 x 4xx38003013030130
K624xx25x2 x 4xx34002514025140
K622xx25x2 x 2xx32502513025130
K622xx21x2 x 2xx26002112421124
K614xx25x1 x 4xx34002513025130
K614xx21x1 x 4xx26002113021130
K626xx25x20 x 60xx34502513025130