The SPaRo 6TM Luminaire

The SPaRo 6™ luminaire is an LED high bay designed to replace HID and Fluorescent fixtures in warehouses, factories, machine shops, arenas, gymnasiums, big box retail, convention halls, etc. The SPaRo 6™ features and accessories provide highly efficient low glare lighting, extreme power savings, along with low installation and maintenance costs. The sleek profile, flexible design features, and simple mounting process make the SPaRo 6™ a perfect choice for architects, engineers, contractors and end users.


From static low wattage through wireless controllable high wattage. Enjoy fast ROI.


Available in lensed, open, narrow or wide, with or without wireless controls, and a complement of accessories.

Fast Installation

Out of the box and into action! Available with power cord and premium aircraft suspension cables.

SPaRo 6TM Luminaire Specifications


Powder coated steel driver channel and end caps are flanked by two extruded aluminum optical channels. Multi bend formation reinforces rigidity along with small footprint makes for a very robust and lightweight fixture. LED modules are secured to an extruded aluminum thermally engineered base which also serves as a support for optional slide in PMMA diffuse lensing. Specular reflector engineered for hybrid narrow/general distribution with open modules is available. Electronics are contained within a slide fit cover that is fastened with white rivets that are removable by hand. A quick wire splice plate is located on the back of the housing to provide easy access to electrical connections. Openings are available for aircraft cable toggles or "V" hook suspension. Zinc coated wire guards are available as an accessory,

Flexible Electrical

For Canada SPaRo 6™ includes patent pending iNFiNi DRiVE™ 120/347V with 0-10V DC dimming.

For USA , SPaRo 6™ includes 120/277V driver with 0-10V DC dimming.

3/16 AWG STW White 7FT power cord with pre-mounted strain relief and disconnect plug.


SPaRo 6™ luminaires offer 130+ Lumens/Watt; CRI > 80; THD < 10%; PF > 99. Projected life beyond 100,000 hours. LED modules and drivers are offered with a standard 5-year warranty based on performance under normal conditions. (consult warranty for details)


Patented iQuick Plug & Play™ dimming occupancy sensors are available for maximum power savings. Lenses or Wireguards are available and suitable for fixture protection in areas where the fixtures will be subject to impact.


7ft Premium tool-less adjustable aircraft suspension cable sets are provided standard. V-hooks are available upon request.
NOTE: Safety chain by others is recommended for applications that may subject the fixture to possible impact.


The SPaRo 6™ is cCSAus listed for damp locations and -40°C to +40°C ambient environments. (for warmer ambient temperatures consult J2 Light).  RoHS compliant.  LED modules comply with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standards.

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.



S6 = SPaRo 6™14K = 14000O = OPENBLANK = 0-10V1 = 120/277V
16K = 16000N = NARROWB =SMART BLU™C = 120/347V
22K = 22000L = LENSED
24K = 24000
29K = 29000
32K = 32000
48K = 48000


CiQuick Plug & Play ON/OFF High Bay Sensor (tool-less twistlock)
CXiQuick Plug & Play DIMMING High Bay Sensor (tool-less twistlock)
14LDiffuse Lens for 14000 Lumen Model
22LDiffuse Lens for 22000 Lumen Model
29LDiffuse Lens for 29000 Lumen Model


LENSED WIDES611KL75120 to 347V11000145560 x 300 x 64MM50C
LENSED WIDES614KL107120 to 347V14000131560 x 300 x 64MM50C
LENSED WIDES622KL160120 to 347V22000138560 x 300 x 64MM40C
LENSED WIDES622KL160120 to 347V22000138750 x 300 x 64MM50C
LENSED WIDES629KL214120 to 347V29000136900 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN WIDES612KO75120 to 347V12000160560 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN WIDES616KO107120 to 347V16000150560 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN WIDES624KO160120 to 347V24000150560 x 300 x 64MM40C
OPEN WIDES624KO160120 to 347V24000150750 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN WIDES632KO214120 to 347V32000150900 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN WIDES648KO320120 to 347V460001441800 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN GENERALS612KN75120 to 347V12000160560 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN GENERALS616KN107120 to 347V16000150560 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN GENERALS624KN160120 to 347V24000150560 x 300 x 64MM40C
OPEN GENERALS624KN160120 to 347V24000150750 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN GENERALS632KN214120 to 347V32000150900 x 300 x 64MM50C
OPEN GENERALS632KN320120 to 347V480001501800 x 300 x 64MM50C